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What size mudlites are you guys running

27X9X14 for Front & 27X11X14 for rear? or

27X10X14 Front? 27X11X14
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most people either do the 12" or 14" rim, 27" tall, 10" wide in front, 12" wide in back.

so, 27x12x10/12 or 27x14x10/12

ITP Mud Lite XTR 27x11x14 Rear

ITP Mud Lite XTR 27x9x14 Front for snow. I think a thinner tire in front will go through snow a little better right????

Will these work OK? They should fit on 14 x 6 ITP rim right?
if you are wanting to cut through the snow then yes those will work
if you are wanting to stay intop of the snow then the wider the tire the better b/c you will have a bigger footprint and disperse the weight of your quad over a larger surface area.

one inch really isnt going to make that much of a differnce tho.
either way you will be able to fit them with no problem.

Thanks for the info I was on ITP's website and they have a few to choose from. I like the XL's and the XTR's can't decide.
i have the 26s xls and love them. my dad had 27 xtrs and they are smooth and go any were a xl will go..

I think I'll go with the XL's they are cheaper also.
Check on Ebay, I just picked up 4 27" XTR's for $26 more total than XL's. For that price go with the radials, they ride a lot smoother.
playing around up the feild sunday, notcied there was some "thick" mud around so i put my mud lites to the test backing up. It didnt turn good. they are fine going front wards.

i dont think that would happen with any other tire.
BTW they were 26x12x12 in the rear,
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I run 27-9-12XL frount
27-12-12XL in the rear thay work good for the riding I do thow next time it will be 589s

I have the Mudlite XLs and they have been doing real good. Mine are self-cleaning I haven't ever had them pack full of mud

radials? XTR's?
So far I love my 26" XL's. No problems with caked on mud.
Re: Mudlites

QUOTE ("countyboy 90":2yx7crt2)
I have the Mudlite XLs and they have been doing real good. Mine are self-cleaning I haven't ever had them pack full of mud
i guess they've never been in the thick stuff then.
mudlites only clean out if your not in mud like the pic.
i have outlaw MSTs and i have never had a complaint about them... i love them on dirt, water, or hard pack.
I for 26x9x12 fron 26x12x12 rear.

Not a bad tire for trails/light mud. They will cake up and not clean out in thick mud and possibly leave you stuck.
Ride smooth on hard pack and dont seem to wabble a bit.

I WANT Outlaw MST's!!!
Might switch someday soon. I think the MST's would be better in all aspects. But ive heard a few reports about them being really shakey or wabble at high speeds so im hanging tight for right this minute.. cause these lites dont wabble at all that I can fill.

hey ruby, i think i've seen that pic of yours in every topic on this site...hahaha

it's cool though
ya crash you know when you see a foerman like mine stuck. you have to laugh.....
fa sho!

i know that when i get stuck like that i make sure no one has a camera handy...
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