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will 30inch mudlights fit on a 2005 foreman because im thinking about getting new tires any advice would help
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Correct me if I am wrong yall...I dont think that they will if your running stock. I have 27 and I am rubbing...You could get a lift and a fender kit to help if you wanna take the chance on breaking you ride. I dont know if you will need spacers or not..maybe one of they guys on here will be along shortly.
maybe you need a jeep XJ if you need 30" tires???I understand trying to have big ass tires but thats just asking for alot of broken parts there.
well there are plenty of people who run the outlaw 29.5 and i would think there would be less problems wiht the mudlites becuase they arent as hevy as the outlaws
yeah I know alot of folks use the outlaw 29.5's but i see your from Pa too as i am and where do you ride to use a tire that big around here???I know from a recent trip to paragon that there is no way you would be able to do most of the trails with tires of that size.The bike just wouldn't have the power to get you over the rocks.I know they would prolly work good in the coal mud we have but thats about it.I think my 31" BFG all terrains on my dodge are lighter than a set of 29.5 all honesty i've ridden with ALOT of guys and i've never seen anyone run a tire bigger 27" for the NE Pa. trails as there really is no need for a tire that big.
no i wasnt saying around here but for someone who was lookin to run them for muddin around here i would probly only go to a 28
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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