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Mudlites vs. Vampires

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me and my friend are having an argument about which tire is better...all around...mud, hard pack, and trails...i like mudlites better but he thinks vampires are better, so which is the better tires?
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i say mudlites for all around riding
Yea,Mudlites are all around better,but in the mud,them vampires have the #1 spot.....
yeah the mudlites are lighter which sucks less power and ride smoother on hard pack. The vamps are better and mud and puncture resistance but thats about it
if you want to get through some peanut butter mud then vampires will do want to crawl through it at slow speeds then the vampire EDLS are the perfect way to do that.
vamps for the win, i got vamps mainly becuz i can drive an hour to the people who make them and buy them direct for like $15 per tire cheaper than anywheres online
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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