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mudlites vs outlaw mst

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hey guys, im gettin new rubber soon and these are my choices. i have 28 inch mudlites now and will stay with that size. i want to know how these tires compare to eachother, and what they differnce in wieght is?? any help is great
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The MST's are a great tire. I have 26's on my wifes 350 Grizzly.
Mud Lites weigh les, but MSTs are an all round better tire.
i would go with the MST's, i like them alot better than the mudlights. IMO the mudlites are way over rated.
I would get the swamp witches. They are very close to the MST's but have a little more space between the lugs and don't cost the Outlaw price. These and the MST's are going to be a little bit heavier than the mudlite. You can get all the weights for ITP at their website, here is a link to swamp witch specs. They also measure true.
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there both 28x12x12 tires
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the mst and swamp witch are basicly the same tires but the mst's have a flatter tread profile,to some people that means alot but to others they could care less. just thought i would tell you that just incase you did care.
MSTs hands down. nothing but good things ive heard about them. its prolly the best all around tire out there
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