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Mudlites vs Bearclaws

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Ok I know that the ITP Mudlites are probably the best selling tire out there but every time I look at that tread pattern I visualize our Canadian rocks puncturing the tire right between those lugs. I also wonder what they are going to handle like driving on the sidehills. I look at the Kenda Bearclaw and when put side by side a 27" bearclaw is similar in overall height to a 26" mudlite. Since it is a more of a square profile tire I assume that it will provide more flotation. I am debating between a set of Mudlites 26x9x12 front and 26x12x12 rear tires, and the Bearclaw at 27x10x12 front and 27x12x12 rear tires. When placed side by side the OD is pretty much the same and the Bearclaw even in a 27" looks smaller than the Mudlites. Has anybody ridden both brands? What are your opinions?
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I`m still stock for now but am leaning towards the bearclaws because of price and i had them on the rear of my 250 Recon Great tire. As for the ITP`s There a awsome tire i ride with lots of guys 2 of witch have had there Mudlites on ther Grizzlys for 2 years now. Climbing lots of rock around here and no punctures. They are not good in the snow for directional control i found out by following my buddy on the skidoo trail in the spring . As soon as he wandered off to the left or right of center he would get pulled in easy but me, i just steered out of it and had good control. Good luck . I think any tire is always better than stock.
ITP Mud Lites

I have a set of Mud lites on my quad, and at the moment have no regrets. I have yet to puncture them, and I have been in some pretty rough places, down old fire roads, through logging trails, and have yet to put a rock or stump through them. They also have decent traction, you just need the speed to clean them as you go through the mud.
mudlites measure true, are very light which helps in keeping power.
there good at everything, but not great at anything
I have Bear Claw on mine, have had no punctures and I really like the knobs that are on the side of the 27x12x12 due to the fact that when in ruts they grab the side of the rut
Ive had 25" bearclaws for over a year and find them to be an excellent all round tire and a fair mud tire. Had my first look at the 27" bearclaws yesterday and the tread is MUCH larger. They look like they would be much better in the mud. I have also ridden with 25" Mudlites and find them to be about the same as the Bearclaws. We ride through a lot of rocky areas and trails full of stumps and ruts and I've never seen a problem with the Mudlites being punctured.
Spent the day putting the first miles on a new Rubicon (not mine, unfortunately! ) The tires were upgraded to 26x10 & 26x12 Mudlites. They were the XL's and they were excellent in the snow we were riding. Any time I slipped into the deep snow at the sides of the trail they always dug in and came back out of the ruts. I still got stuck a couple of times but nothing like we would have been with the smaller tires.
Be sure to get the deeper XL tread and I think you will be happy with either.You might also want to consider the Super Light Supergrips. Same tread as the XL Mudlites but they as supposed to be lighter, wear better and have a decent rimgard. Not to mention being about a $100.00 cheaper a set . Should have a set of 27's in a few days so I'll know if thats the case.
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Bearclaws are the best all around tire I have them on mine
I have the mud lites and no regrets so far,and I have had them in all types of terrain.
I have seen this debate many times,they are both great tires and very comparable,I have had both and like the mud lites on my bike better,but on my buddy's brute the bears are a nicer ride and dif lock helps them pull threw the deep mud,as far as flats ,we ride mountians and mud no holes in both types in 4 sets

Just my 2 cents
i have had both tires on my bike. i put approx 9000 km on a set of 26 bear claws, and as of today approx 2500 km on mud light xl.
this is what i have observed. the claws have a flatter profile ,when i drive through water fast the water comes up and splashes over me.but when i switched to the lights the tires seemed to cut through the water with no spash up. with handling the lights feel like a two wheel drive bike compared with the claws(one of the first things i noticed ) i drove on some hard packed sand and the tracks left by the lights was surprisingly small compared with the claws. traction, i feel the claws were better,with the lights there are times i have to push my body weight far back on the bike to get enough traction to pull me out of a mud hole.clearance ,the lights own this one big time(we honda guys need all the hight we can get)
wear patterns ,the claws although had lots of km on them i found they started to show wear early ,the lights have almost 3000 on them and they hardly show any wear at all. the claws had several plugs in them by the end(6 i think) but thats a quick fix, the lights have had only one major puncture ,rear tire picked up a piece of metal about the size of a 12 inch spike bent like the letter L double plug and away we go. if i were buying again it would be mudlights xl .
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the claws are great in everything but large rocks , specially if there wet rocks . I do alot of submarining getting into some fishing holes traveling through rivers an such they get the job done but the wet rock really gives them a work out. No punctures yet but a few nasty looking slashes.

86 350trx < they just dont make em this tough any more>
99 450es < my arms an shoulders dont hurt after i ride this one>
I like the claws, had 25's then went to 27's, never had a flat rarely get stuck.
My buddy has 26" mudlites on his rincon and hates them, always gets punctures in them, and has popped the bead once. just my 2cents.
i would definetly lean towards the bear claws, i have a set of 26"mudelites on my foreman, and the lugs are starting to seperate from the rest of the tire and there always going flat, maybe a bad batch? and the bear claws seem to have a much smoother ride as well
QUOTE ("TChonda":333i2oox)
i would definetly lean towards the bear claws, i have a set of 26"mudelites on my foreman, and the lugs are starting to seperate from the rest of the tire and there always going flat, maybe a bad batch? and the bear claws seem to have a much smoother ride as well
thats funny because my buddies mudlites are starting to separate as well as continuously going flat. i am not impressed with these tires at all. my bear claws take me anywhere he goes and then some.
so i'm not the only one this is happening too, the lugs on the mudlites are way to big for how soft the rubber is, and i have 3 plugs in them so far with less then 1000km on them, not good
my buddy actually had a stick poke all the way through one of the lugs, that rubber is definetly to soft.
I just got my 25" Bear Claws the other day and have put about 40 miles on them so far.

I am pleased with the grip.

I am disappointed about the size. They measure exactly 24" at 3 psi. They are no bigger than the OEM Rancher tires.

So if I REALLY want 25" Bear Claws, do I need some 26 inchers?

Are 27" Bear Claws really 26s?

I was running 25" OEM Rincon radials and they measured large at 26 1/4"
The 25" Bear Claws measure exactly an inch smaller, so I just lost over an inch of ground clearance. Before long I will own a warehouse full of tires.
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bump it up to 5psi and they should be 25"
I had 20 psi in them when I got home from the tire shop after mounting, and they were only 24 1/4"

I went to 5 psi and they were just a hair over 24" and rode like rocks.

I just picked up a second hand set of 26inch mudlites and rims for $500 90% tread left on the tires and the rims are a whoooole lot better lookin then the stockies ... and most of my relatives ! Ill let ya know how I like them.. I had Mudsharks on stocks before this.

Its whats sparked this " Modmania " for me..

rock on !
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