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Mudlites patch,plug?????

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Have a problem with my Mudlites 26-9-12 both front tires leak were they were patched,tire dealer says lining in tire very soft and patches will leak sometimes,says it needs to be tubed but I don`t like that idea.has anybody ever had this problem and how did you correct it.Has anybody used that tire slime to fix a hole in tire?????
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you can take the old patch out and replace it with a new patch, sometimes that fixes it. if that does not work you can try the slim, i had it on my old 4wheeler and it wored great but if the hole it big it may not work. there is nothing wrong with putting a tube in a 4wheeler tire, i put one my dads old 300 and it worked great.
I would think that a plug would work fine, nothing wrong with using a tube either.
Plug the holes and use Slime in tires. Works like a dream.
ive had a tire wiht about 5 plugs in one hole and it held quite well
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