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Mudlites...Mudlite XTRs...or 589s???

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im looking to buy some new tires for my really looking at the mudlites...cause i dont think i want a radial tire...but what about the 589s?...or are there better mud tires outside of ITP...i dont do very much serious mudboggin...but i have some pretty good mud pits on my stocks are no match for them so what do some more experienced mudders like yall recommend?...i want to stay at 26" or 27"...what should i get?
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outlaw MST... better than ML and i've seen it. my buddy also has an 07 foreman 500 and he has ML. i have outlaw MST, both of us have 27" tires and i get stuck less than he does and thats a fact.
call highlifter and talk to dustin, he will hook you up. if you have any questions or want pics let me know.
Ga Red Clay has the Mud Lites and he dont really like them. I just bought some SwampLites and so far I am well pleased with them. so far a good all around tire. I almost bought the Mud lite XTRs they might be a better tire than the regular Mud Lites.
Why don't you want a radial?
I have mudlite xl's and DO like them. I'm not a hardcore mudder but do my share. Lots of swampy-woods around here in La. Just my 2-cents, you'll get 1 million and 1 opinions either way.

The only tires I can comment on are the ITP 589s.
They ride good on hardpack and they do mud good as well.They are heavy and require good horsepower to spin them in thick stuff.
They dig down very quick because of tread depth and if you get stuck,usually one good pull will get you rolling again.
I have to say the 589's. I have a set of the mudlites on my wifes rancher and my buddy has a set of 589's on his wifes rancher. We are talking about the exact same bike here, and the 589's consistently out perform the ML's in the mud and climbing up hills. The 589's seem to be wearing better also.

P.S. I just have the regular mudlite XL, not the radial
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