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Mudlite XTR's on stock rims?

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Hi everyone,
I am new to this forum and have been researching a lot of information on past threads. I have a question. I want to upgrade my OEM tires on my new '08 Foreman 500 ES, but am not sure what I can get to fit with stock rims. I don't need anything bigger than 25" or 26", but the dealer has been upgrading the rims when they put the 26" on their new machines, due to clearance issues. Do I have to change rims if I go with 26's or would it just be easier to go with the 25's. I appreciate your opinions and suggestions. Thanks
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26" will work fine, check my thread under "Got My Biggs"

My Nickels Worth,

Hey man, I just put 27x10x12's all around on my stock '07 Foreman rims. Cleared just fine!
Thanks for the reply's. I am not sure why the dealer told me I needed different rims for the 26" XTR's. Maybe that was on the Rancher? They didn't have an '08 Foreman on the floor at the time but they had a few Ranchers. I was only interested in getting a Foreman since that was my last machine. If anyone has anything else to add, I'd love to hear it.
They want to soak up more Money from you, they will tell you everything under the sun to get you to believe them and get you to buy things you dont really need. Just my .02!
Is he trying to get you to go with 14" wheels? Seems like a popular choice with the radials.
I am not sure what the salesman was getting at. When he told me the price of the tires and rims I told him they were crazy. I explained to him that all I want is a better tire than OEM. A tire that will last longer and get me through a little more mud. I use the machine for hauling wood with a small trailer and I don't want to get stuck with a load of wood on. My original tires on my last '03 just didn't last like I thought they would. I was told the price of new tires and rims was so high because of shipping charges, but I did some research and found a place to ship them to me for free.
Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, ships for "free"....
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