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MudLite XL's

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Anyone think I will have a problem running 27x12-12 all the way around on a stock Foreman 500S? Oh, and if anyone has a pic that would be cool too. Trying to decide whether or not to put 10's on the front and 12's on the back or 12's all the way around.
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This isn't looking to good. Well i figured seeing as quite a few people saw this and no one had an answer, I went with the 27x10-12 front and the 27x12-12 rears.
I run 27- 9- 12 & 27- 12- 12 on mine with no prolbems and bike is stock besides tires.
Cool, I just ordered them today! Can you post a picture?
will try tomarow when i get home from work
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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