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Mudlite vs Swamp Fox

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Im looking at getting new tires and was wandering which one was better.
I ride in mud, trail, sand, and water.
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i like swamp fox better. less tendancy to slide side to side.
I pefer swampfox over mudlites. They have a great ride on hard pack & they pull really good in the mud.
i have the swamp foxs and they go threw way more than my friends itps and cheaper
I have the 26" Mudlites on my 05 Foreman and I love them, dont know much about the Swamp Foxes but they do look like a good tire too.
i have the 26" mudlites and i love them they r really good on the trail, and they are fairly good in the mud. i raced a guy that had swamplites though and we came out even at the end of the mudpit. so i think theyr pretty much the same. i must warn u though that the mudlites do not wear very good
I have the 26" swamp foxes and I have really enjoyed them. Ive had them for a little over a year now and they still look brand new to me and I ride almost everyday on trails, mud, hills, and roads. I ride it on pavement back and forth to the farm which is a couple miles from my house so they get run about 12 miles a week going to the farm then about another 5-10 miles on weekend rides. I highly recommend Swamp Foxes.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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