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mudfest roll call

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Anyone from here going to be there?

We'll be coming up Saturday morning, bright and early. I'll be on the forman, will be riding with a red recon, a camo Kawi 650 Brute, 2 popo 800s, 1 popo 700, 1 popo MV and a Kawi 750.

My brother in-law says he's coming with about 50 people from Ocean Springs.

Hope as many as last year shows up!
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ill be there for sure!!!
I missed the roll call. I was there. bike was broke 30 minutes after I got there. It was fun.
what happened to the bike raver

raver broke his low gear AGAIN i seen him out there
We had a great time. Rode with a few new guys (friends of friends) ... they were pretty lit up by lunch ... pretty entertaining to say the least. One broke an axle, one overheated and ran the water out of his radiator, one had his 4x4 break (actuator) one had a gas line break. Fun, but a bit crouded at times. Had a blast in alagator alley!!!
800 and 29.5 laws just don't mix.. I sold the laws and am switching to 29.5 swamplites. Gonna get EDls to race with..
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