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has anybody tryed a cam in there rubicon and had any luck. i got a hotcams mudbuster and having problems with my vales
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did you install the cam timing on the top dead center of the motor. and not on the compression stroke. ive got one mine run great have not had time to ride it yet but u can tell the power in the motor revs.
yes i set it on top dead centre like the power but don't like the ticking these is what happen last time and took out the inside cam bearing
are u setting the valve lash to the new spec per mudbuster it is on a red peice of paper.
it tells me the same as stock what are the numbers on yours
Intake is .15mm and exhaust is .23mm which i just figured out was stock . but my book says to tighten the nut after u adjust to 12 Lbf-ft which is real tight for thouse nuts. maybe this is it.
yes thanks they are the same numbers i have
I had the same problem,called hotcams they said to set the valves at.006 for intake and .009 for exhaust. But they still made a lot of noise call the shop and hotcams again,hot cams said to reset the valves to .005 intake,.008 for exhaust.This helped a lot you just have to ride it easy for a while to reseat the valves.
thanks i'll try that got the stock back in right i'll have to get some new gaskits first
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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