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Mud tires for a Rancher AT

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My friend has a 2004 Honda Rancher AT just woundering on what is the biggest tire I can put on it.

Only looking at the Mudzilla's and the ITP 589 M/T.

I will be putting on a High lifter clutch kit, lift kit and some much more.

I have a 2005 Honda Foreman ESP 4x4 with 26" Mudzilla's and it works great in Mud.
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QUOTE ("quickhonda":bl7egz7p)
26' mudlite XT's are what i have on mine. Not much noticeable powerloss but do get thru mud pits like hot knife thru butter! Gave me 2.5 inch lift as well.
Alot of my friends have those type of tire and having alot of problems. Plus I am only looking at the tires with a rim gard!
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