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Best Mud Tire

Mud Tire Poll

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Here is a poll for ya, vote away!!!

Let me know if I forgot one I will add it.
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the best one Vampires
none stand a chance against outlaws,...but you should add bi-triclaw combos...a lot aof ppeople on the forum like them

I picked the zilla's. the laws are great mud tires, but are just to rough and will tear up a machine quick.
but the outlaws are still a better mudder and that is what the pole is for so I pick the outlaws...besides outlaws are a little lighter than zillas

bi-tri should be included in the pole...i like laws better but a lot of people on the forum like them best
I have run both, I have nothing against the laws as i said above. The laws are lighter, but the zilla's are easier to pull and that means less strain on the atv, to me that means more.
true...a major part of the contest is individual opinion is laws then zillas then vamps then bi-tri....the last 2 could be interchangeable
can someone pleae post a picture of wooley boggers?!/? I dont think I have ever seen them
I tried to change the poll tonight, but I guess I am pass the time limit and it won't let me, maybe Robb can help out. Sorry guys cant belive I forgot them.
Updated it for you.
Wooley Boogers, man jus the name alone is cool..haha With a name like that they jus gotta work!
I just don't remember what Whooly Boogers look like. Does someone
have a picture of one?
well....I found this wooley booger

Wooley Boogers, which are our English Angora Rabbits
probably not the same wooley booger

These are supposdly wooley boogers
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I remember those now. I see them from time to time out on the trails.
They sell a very similar tire at the Wal-Marts w/ the TLE.
They sell those Boggers at Tractor Supply Company today I told my dad that that was going to be my next tire.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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