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mud slinger or swamp series?!?!?!?!

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im tired of my packing blowing out of my HMF it is so loud im just tired of it now... so im in search for a new pipe. i know both of these are spose to be sealed or somethin. just need to know which gives the most power???
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i whould say hmf swap series.. how much u want for ur hmf i might b interest.
Try Supertrapp. I just had a warranty issue with mine and I was very happy with the response and care they took to get me back in the mud hole. They realy took care of me. I didnt even have to send in the old part for inspection. I took pictures and e-mailed them and they took care of me right away. Excellent customer service. Plus the HMF isn't really out yet. I guess they cant get it right
no man they are taking a while so they can get it just right unlike Supertrapp who sends out defective parts. J/K. i aint got a clue why its taking so long
Who know's,you might be right about that JWJR,i'm ordering me the Swamp Series,Actually,I have it on backorder.I'll be one of the first people to get one.
I got the mudslinger about 3 weeks ago and love it. Not to loud when cruising but sounds nice when you get on it. Take a look.
i dont see any pics..
i like the mud slinger.. i gotta see what the late summer/fall brings might hook one up for the foreman.. well see
which one will last the longest? i ride alot of water so i need something that dont blow the packing out.
I just bought the MudSlinger; Dan @Highlifter claims it to be a very well made product.
Good for you eric and jwpmel. Nice to see others that will step outside the box. HMF is a good product, but so is Supertrapp.
i agree they both make good products. i had a supertrapp IDSX and the case fell completly apart, i just had to send it all back and they sent me a new case and packing no questions asked. i think they will both be good exhausts, since the mudslinger is already out i would just get it.
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