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mud nats.

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who is going. a guy i work with has a deer lease about 2 miles from the gate. he went last weekend. we all might be there.
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I'll be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13 hour trip, can't wait!
it is only about 1.5-2hr trip for me. if i go i wont be able to head up there untill friday after work. i will know for sure if i am going soon.
Il be there with a group from around here. Theres about 15 of us going.
Im heading up there aroung noon on thursday.
7 days left until opeing day....anyone else going? I really encourage people to go, because its great, the biggest and badest ride you will ever go to.
i want to but im a little broke right now.
i used to live on that golf course thats about a mile from mud creek. ill be goin
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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