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Mud Nationals

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So who's going to be the first to tell us about the weekend. I'm sure it was a blast. We want to now how it was.
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just got back today. it was awesome they had so many bikes it was crazy. we had an awesome time
Yes it was awesome. Saw some really cool bikes. I have some pics. I will try to get them up soon and goose500 has some videos.
it was awsome and i had a blast i will be there agian next year
How many people were there? We backed out of goin' due to the large crowd
that they were expected. I bet it was really awesome.
there was alot of people but it was still awesome.
you could easily get away from everyone by going in the worlds
I heard that there was somewhere around 10,500 people there.
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thats the count that i heard at 6:30 Saturday night
we were there and broke the 500 and the 450 and a brute force. another axle and tie rod for the 500 they are made of tin foil I believe.
We went out to Crosby yesterday & this atv was there. A few folks said it
won Mud Nationals. It is a Kawasaki Prairie 700. It had some home made
wagon wheels. Is it true that this fella won?
The guy that owns the bike is Dennis Eppinette. He won 1st place with it in open class.
After seein' it in person, i can see why. That thing must ride like a tank.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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