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Mud Lite xtr

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I bougt to day Itp Mud lite XTR for my 2004 Rubicon.
On the front 27x9x12 and 27x11x12 on the rear.
I am putting them on the orginal rims. Will there be proplems with the size ? If anyone has pictures of his atv with these wheels i would be very glad to see them.

You wouldnt belive what they cost here. (1000$)

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there awesome. 27" is over kill. go 26"
i rode a KVF700 for a little bit with 27"xtrs, man what a nice ride and the 700 is very stiff. at all speed it was a great feel.
i am sure the rubi would handle 26s better, and save you a few bucks too.
i think i saw them on ebay for cheap. $350 or so w/ free shipping in the US. I guess international would be more, but not that much more. i can't see shipping being $600. thats crazy.
i have them (26") on my '05 ruby and I am pleased.not too heavy and not a strict mudder, handles well in all conditions. also,if the radials are'nt
a big deal to you look at the titan 589's as a comparable tire as I have had long term good luck with these. I got my xtr's from KG motorcycle tires and accessories with free ground shipping. 2 26x9-r12's and 2 26x11-r12's for $384.30 heres the web add. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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