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Mud lite xl's for 255

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Mud lite xl's (25's) for $255.00 to my door, is this a good deal? Are they good all around tires? I see lots of people on here have them, how are they?
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I say dont get them. If anything i think they sell cheaper on ebay, but i would get mud bugs or gators in 26's for just a few bucks more and will do you better in the mud
That price is on ebay. I am going to go with 25's because I want my spedo and od to be right. For now anyways .
I just think you will be dissapointed in you go 25", as light as mud lights are you could run 27's with very little trouble. From what i have seen thye do not measure to height. Go big or go home, j/k, just dont get them if you plan on upgrading in a couple of months, but they may wear down that quick it you touch asphault
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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