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Mud Lite XL vs Swamp Lite

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I have a set of 25 inch mud lite xl's and was thinking of selling them and getting some 27 inch swamp lite's. Are they at least as good in the mud as the mud lites and how do they ride on hard ground. i can't find anywhere that tells what the tread depth is on the swamp lite's. Going to go look at some tomorrow afternoon to see what they look like
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Apparently the thread dept on the swamplites varies with the size of the tire. As far as the tire goes I heard that they ride better than the mudlites on hard pack. They do have a rim guard too apparently last a lot longer than the mudlites. Only bad thing I have heard about them is that some people think that they keep too much mud stuck between the thread. I also have plans to swap my super light tires for Swamplites.
Most of the guys i ride with use mud lites and love them. I have never ridden with anyone that uses the swamplites tho. I'm still on stockers and will be for a few more months till i get some money.
I know a guy that has 27" Swamplites and he loves them . His only complaint is if you get into thick deep mud , they don't have the pulling power that a true mud tire has . But they are not power hogs like a true mud tire is either . I think the tread is around 1" on the 27" tires .

Hope this helps .
I've seen both these tires in action and im not a fan of either. The mudlites or a great trail tire and the swamplites cake up really fast. If i had to chose i would go with the swamplites. IMO
My buddy has 28 swamplites on his grizz and they do ok. In the mud there is not much difference between the two.
my swamplites perform great and are really smooth on the trails.....the knobs on them are more flexible than mudlites so they make a good trail tire and in the mud they perform well and clean out good too....but thats my opinion
Just purchased new Swamplites..............

I bought the 26" tires and will be mounting on stock rims. Most of the terrain we hit is rocky/hardpack and very little mud. I try to stay out of the mud. Too old I guess and "been there, done that" with Jeeps and other ATV's. Will be trying them out this weekend and will let you know how they handle.
I just put 27" swamp lites on my rubicon 5km ago and they seem to do well in mud (muskeg) and really smooth on hard pack they have a 1 1/8" lug on them. With them i beat a 660 griz with the same size mud lites.
report on new Swamplites

Mounted the 26" Swamplites on stock rims and rode Saturday night - They performed awesome on pretty rough mountain terrain. I had 7lbs of air in each and they seemed a little bouncy so I brought them down to 6lbs and they rode great - We had to come home via pavement for about 3 miles because of a storm front blowing in and they did okay on pavement at about 30 miles per hour. That is as fast as I run on the blacktop now-a-days.

I am going to Windrock for the Fall Benefit Ride October 19-21st so that will be the real test - Will let you know how they perform.

I just mounted 26'' Swamplites on my Rubicon and I love them. I havn't really been able to take them out for the day but so far I am very happy with them. I'll be running them next weekend alot more so I'll post an update.

Went ahead with the 27 inch Swamp lite's. Of course since we are in a drought around here there is no mud to speak of. Found a little and was impressed, 4wd not used so far. I did find that when me and my wife and two little ones were on it it scrubbed the rear flaps terribly. I ended up putting the 2 inch lift back on the rear to solve that problem now it sits a little high in the rear. I don't really want to lift the front again, last time i wore out my front end real quick. When you put in the 4wd it would squat the front and nearly lock up the tires. you would have to pick the front up off the ground to get the universals to snap back in place. But back on topic, the tires ride unbeliveably good on hard ground, actually smoother than stock. They may wear fast but i'll just have to wait and see about that.
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Back from Windrock....with my Swamplites

I had an awesome time at Windrock with my 26" Swamplites and they performed great!! Could not have ask for more from a tire - It handled the mud ( all day rain ride Thursday ) and hills, rocks, ruts and whatever I threw at them for 4 days.

Would recommend them to anyone and would recommend atvoutfitters - I used regular ground shipping and got them in 3 days

I just got 27" gbc dirt devil xt's. I love them, great on the trail and even better in the mud. They have 1.25" of tread. I-866-leesons. $500 shipped with c series type 4 black aluminum rims, caps and lugs. Great tire at an affordable price. Get the dirt devils you wont be disappointed.
I do not like them when I am using Swamp Lights when working. I live in Louisiana and have an 80 acre crawfish pond, usually3-4 ft deep (loose mud and water). This mixture would normally clean the tires when spinning, but it just doesn't. My forman is put to the test each time im out there. I have got stuck in 2 and 4 wheel drive. I will agree that they clog up to quickly. I also take trail rides and a good point would be that they are not a true "mud" tire. This helps when I ride on a trail. I sau the ZIlla and OUtlaws...they lool bad ass and I have read good things on them. If anyone suggest a better "mud" tire id take your advise.
i have seen both in action,swamplites are far better in the mud
aboslutely love mine swamp lites. mostly rock and trail here in TN with same mud. I try to stay away from must of the mud as i dont like expensive repairs
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