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Mud Gear tires

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anybody know anything about these tires?
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Never heard of them. Who makes them? From what i can tell by the picture,
they look like a good tire.
im not sure who makes em. i think motosport does.[/url]
I seen them a while back on a bike at the local honda shop. They look mean, I have a mag with them in it and I will look it up and see asap! I think it's in the truck I will go look.
Looks like they have good tall wide tread, kinda like the Outlaw and Mudzilla. As long as the center of the tire has enough tread, they will run good on hard pack. Wonder what the $ on them bad boyz is..?
They look to me like a mud light with a piece taken out.
25X10-12 6 ply 25/32" tread $55.50
26x10-12 6 ply 33/32" tread $67.50
26x12-12 6 ply 33/32" tread $77.50
27x10-12 6 ply 33/32" tread $67.50
27x12-12 6 ply 33/32" tread $77.50
Mud Gear Tires offer a deep 1-1/4" Tread Depth with a wide lug pattern. This unique tread pattern allows a smooth ride, yet are aggressive for off-road traction. Their strong 6 ply rating makes this tire great for many applications. ( they are supposed to last a long time, LOOK like they would ride good on hardpack, and be pretty good in mud ) great tire for trail rider that likes to hit a few mud holes here and there

screg, there they are compared to mudlite
They have a deeper lug than mudlite's. I wonder if they weight about the same. The price is not to bad may be a better option than the mudlite
They look like a Dirt Devil w/ a side lug.
I like them so far from what i see. Where can you get more info on them &
where can you order them from? They must be brand new 'cause none of
the sites i usually visit have them.
Sorry the tires I seen in the mag were mud hogs. I thought for sure the tires in the mag were mud gears. also sells them in big wheel kits
a buddy of mine put them ( i believe) on his 05 rincon...they are beasts but he likes em alot
I seen some in person yesterday and they look mean as @!#! I was going to go with mud lite xls but now I'm going to go with mud gears!
big_daddy_bigfoot . what size are u gonna get?
here is the mud gear tires on castlerock buddy has them on his 05 rincon:

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******* I think I'm going to go with 26x10x12's all around. I might go with 12's on the back. I don't know really I'm still green to the whole thing.
If your only getting 26s, then get 12s out back. They will not hurt your power much.
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