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does any one have 26" mud bugs on the 450. i was looking in to them i was wondering how they ride if they a smooth ride or if its a bumpie ride.
I was thinking they mud bugs or itp mudlites what do u think is better??
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bugs are definatly better.
wut size do u think would be best with out lossing power
im waiting on my 27 mud bugs, i but 4000km on the lites and hate them
every one i talk to hate them, they are not as agressive as they look and i find they wear fast. also they crack at the lugs. i hear and see nothing but great stuff about the bugs.
Mud Bugs are great in snow or mud, they run rough as **** on hard surface,if you run alot of hard surface be prepared to replace alot of front end parts.I have a set and freinds of mine have them,they don't run smooth.
I have 27'' Gators on my 450s and love them. They are the exact same tread as mudbugs. Ya, they are a little ruff when going at slower speeds but get smoother when travelling faster.
I do all sorts of trail riding, hard pack, muddin' and hill climbing. Love the tire,but for a 450, 27'' is too big only because of the power loss. Stick with 26''
I just got an 07 650i Kawi and got 26'' mudbugs put on at the dealer, wicked tire although with all the snow we have here it's hard to get any traction.
This is what happens with the aggressive lugs of the mudbugs in snow.
thanks for the tips i think im goin go with the 26 inch mud bugs
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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