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mud buggs anyone?

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if their is any 1 running them or who had ran them r they anygood in mud and clay. thanks.
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i know people that have them and i have gators (which are the same thing) and i think for the kind of tires they are they do pretty good in just regular mud but i do notice that they clog up kind of easy in thick mud so im gessing that they wouldnt do too good in clay. maby someone that rides in clay could help you out more.

i wasnt sure they r kinda pricey i waz thinkin that 4 the price they may b ok.
if you like the tires but dont want to pay that much check into gbc gators, they are the same thing but are a little cheaper.
wat would u get if u waz me?im not an xtreme bogger but i like 2 have a good time without gettin stuck. i got a 2004 honda rancher 2wd with k&n high performance air filter.ive got 25x10x12 mudlite xl and they r great.
Mud buggs are more than gators?
^^^^^^oh yeah and I would seriously consider Bugs over Gators. Gators weigh more and run short.

I do have two buddies that run Grizzlies though, one with gators and one with bugs. I think they both do about the same in the mud but the gators do seem to be wearing better.
i have had bugs for over 2 years there great
i would go with the mud bugs just because i heard they wear alot better. i have gators on my old 300 and they are wearing kind of fast. if you ride on the road alot i would get mud bugs but if you dont then you could get the gators.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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