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Mud Bog North and Central Alabama

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Just wanted to let everyone know that theirs going to be a mud bog on sat and sun the 19th and 20th of this month, In Clevland. It starts at 1 pm both days. So if you live around here you might want to come and check it out
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New ATV Club


(Fellowship of ATV Christian Trail Riders)

FACTR, an off road club based in Etowah County, Alabama is looking for founding members to help get our group off the ground.

FACTR’s mission is to aid in the location, creation, preservation, and maintenance of family friendly ATV recreational riding areas and events in the Northern Alabama and surrounding areas.

What does family friendly mean? Family friendly riding areas and events are those places where families, friends and members can participate together in a Christian atmosphere. ATV riding with friends, family or other FACTR members are good examples. Couple these with an overnight camping and you have a fun and family
friendly event. This is what FACTR is all about. Finding new ways to enjoy ATV’ing.

Some features and benefits of membership include:
• Information on places to ride
• You can plan rides, coordinate rides, join rides or just find someone to ride with.
• We will maintain links to other useful ATV resources (manufacturers, accessories, reviews, etc…) which will be sent out to our members via email. We hope to have our very own web site soon.
• Benefit rides, Adopt a Family etc…….
• Wealth of knowledge from other members
• Information on riding area rules, regulations and
state registration requirements
• ATV’s, UTV’s and Dirt Bikes only. Anything bigger limits our places we can ride.
•And best of all …membership is completely free

FACTR is also looking for new places for its members to ride and a location to establish as the clubs permanent home. Working together we can achieve our goal.

Contact us @ [email protected] or on Face Book
thanks, God Bless
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