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Mud B_tch Rubbing

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I read a forum earlier that said a guy had a 2 inch lift and 27 inch Mud B_tches that rubbed the fender and floorboard in the front and the back. He also had 10 psi in them,is that the problem or do they just need the lift springs to clear them. I am going to buy these tires, but dont want this problem. Is there a quick fix?
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Well you dont need that much pressure....I run like 5 in the back and around 7 in the front for water wheelies! If they do rub just trim the back part cuz you only have to take off like 1/4" of plastic and they wont rub with 27"s ........The front will rub on the fender brackets but I fixed the with a 2lb hammer!
I have the 27's with a HL 2" Lift and mine are rubbing the rear and catch the brackets in the front. Both are minimal though, but if you don't want any rubbing then you don't want this size.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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