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Mud B!tch tires?????

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My buddy was over at ATV Outfitters today, and said Matthew had some tires that were called "Mud B!tch". Has anyone heard of these or seen any. I did a search and basically came up empty.

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they are nock off versions of the mudzillas, there has been a topic about them on highlifter forums brfore.
Thanks, I will see if I can dig something up overthere.
Is these the ones that they didnt want the public to know about yet and was mad when someone called them and asked about them?? There was a post on Highlifter about them. I like them, they seem pretty cool.
If I'm not wrong these tires are Super Grip and apparently it's a work in progress. I think they wanted to release the tires along with a new set of wheels they are working on.
the picture i posted to my knowledge is a pic of the new supergrip tire and wheel combo
I thought so...So does it say what these bad boys are goin for?? And has anyone tried them out??
I don't think they are for sale yet. They are not even on the Super Grip official website. Maybe in a few more weeks I guess.
They are for sale... Matthew at ATV has them.....and the price isn't so bad either!!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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