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Mud B!#$%s...

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Does anyone know where to buy these tires or would mudzillas be cheaper?
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I am not sure of the best place to buy, but Mudzillas are not cheaper.
Here's one site <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Also do a search on google for Super Grip Mud B_____ you know the rest.
QUOTE ("marcust":1jodlmk1)
I am not sure of the best place to buy, but Mudzillas are not cheaper.
i thank
I bought a set of mud [email protected]#$% with itp ss112 from and only paid $660. They will give you a good deal, and the tires are great.
got them from the dealership they can order them for you and you dont have to worry about shipping. i love mine. they do great in mud and water.
back pic
Actually I found Mudzillas Cheaper at They are only 648.00 for 27 inch tires on itp type 7 black rims. The mud b_tch on the same rim and the same size at is 678.00. Hopes this helps you out. I think i will go get the Zilla's
Another helpful finding I had is that while may have the zillas for cheaper, they charge for shipping. has free shipping on the mud b_tch. so the total for zillas is at 717.00 while the mud b_tch is onle 678.00
guess i got a better deal then i thought when i paid 500 for my 28
zillas has price matching
These tires are the best. I payed $660 for the 27in tires and the 12in ss12's at
I have heard that the Mud B____s wear down fast.any of yall have that problem?
No wear on mine and I've had'em on for about 3 mo. now. and ride hard and on pavement....I call BS
Go to Tires for fun.there 90.95 a piece.I want some to.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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