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Mud [email protected]#ch versus Outlaws

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I am liking the look of these Mud Bitch tires. I have swamplites right now, but I want a little more aggressive tire that cleans out easily. I have noticed the Mud Bitch is a bit cheaper than the outlaws. I have 27 x 10 x 12 tires now, if I go to 27 x 12 X 12 tires, can you put them on factory rims? Is there any modifications that I need to do on the bike?
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Go for the Outlaws. I have noticed the people on here say that the Mud B*#@! are very heavy and don't wear good. The Outlaw's on the other hand are fairly light and wear well. As for the stock wheels you may want to pm boss500 because I think he had to put spacers on the rear with stockers because they don't have the right offset.
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