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Mud [email protected]#$% are on

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They fit perfect without a lift. I still havnt put my clutch kit on and they spin as if they were meant for the foreman. I cant say one thing bad about these tires. I was skeptical when i lifted them and felt their true size, but once i got them on the foreman they turned great. I cant wait till i get the clutch kit on.
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Looks good man!
Thanks. The only other thing im gona do is put a performance kit. After than i think it will be a beast, **** its a beast right now.
Does Super Grip have a website???
I'm thinking about getting them for the back. I've got mudzilla's in the front, and I don't wanna pay that much for a 27x12 mudzilla. They are about the same thing. Do they measure true to size? Do they weigh about the same as a Zilla?
They are about an inch higher than they say. and they are heavier than zillas
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