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MST's Arrived!

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I finally got some tires for my Foreman....
Got some 26x9.5-12 and 26x12-12. Put them on the Rubicon rim. LOOKS GOOD!! I have some pics on my camera but its being stubborn and wont download them onto my computer!!! But as soon as i do ill have them posted up.. I cant wait to go ride. I put them on Last night(monday) and im leavin today(tuesday) goin to Iowa to work, should be home Friday. So yall will get some nice pictures This weekend. I like the look of the bike with 26"'s and the perfex!!!! I even got some Elka suspension shock covers!! Looks pretty dang good...
Thanks to Highlifter i got 20% off these tires, they only cost me $275. And i got a clutch kit that im goin to put in around christmas when i get some time off. . Later guys!!!
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can't wait to see them man my friend put 25 on a 450 they look micro with his big home made 2 inch lift
Let us know how you like them.

i freakin' love mine !!! They are lighter than most tires that are on the market. ive had mine for abt 6 mths and have not been in a situation where they have let me down. we own a big ranch in tx and pull trailers, feed cows, hunt and fish, and ride to have fun. all i can say is that you got your moneys worth and i know that you will love them. let me know how they work out for you.
congrats nonnieselman i hope you like them, let us know how they do.
as soon as i get home saturday we ae goin to go ride. so i got my sisters camera and we goin to see what damage we can do. My brother has 27" vampires on his foreman. wonder who is goin to get beat? When i left i had about 30PSI in each tire so hopefully they would seat on the bead good. Cant wait to get home!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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