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MST owners I have a couple of questions about out of round?

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I just got a new set of 26" MST's. My first question is what psi are you guys running in them. I have mine set at 4.5 psi front and rear. My next question is when I get up to about 35-40 mph my front end starts to wabble a little bit. Is this normal at this speed? I really didn't want to go any faster due to the wabble. Could the psi have anything to do with it? Do I need to get the rims and tires balanced? Or will it get better after a couple of rides. I have only rode them for about 2 miles on the street to see what they felt like. Thanks for any replys
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usually all tires wobble at high speeds, around here people ride on the road and it is a common thing to get tires balanced. if you dont want the wobble i would balance them.

I'm happy with the mst's dont have that problem where did you gett them
Mad Mudder is it normal for them to wobble at such a low speed. It starts to wobble like at 33 mph and up. If it was wobbling at 45 mph I wouldn't worry about it at all. I very seldom go that fast. ANy one else had this problem?
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