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MPG with stock tires on 450?

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Hey guys, I'm planning a trip and want to know approx MPG I'll be getting so we can plan accordingly..thanks Watersmeet MI to Iron River is 28 miles anyone know if there is a gas station in between...I'm thinking no prob on a tank?
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You shouldn't have a problem with that distance. On mine I'm running 27's and I get around 30 miles on a tank. You shouldn't have a problem with stock tires.
My Foreman 500 gets 42 mpg.It's completely stock with 25" dirt devil tires.I don't run it hard.I can get over 100 miles on a tank driving on trails and county roads going 25-30 mph.The mileage really drops when I hammer on it and play in the mud,hills,etc.
Thanks guys, I hope to put some miles on the beast soon. So much stuff to do, so little time. i might just have to go solo this weekend.
I have 27" bearclaws supertrapp pipe K&N filter and jet kit and i get 50 miles or more per tank
I have 26 inch Mudlites and I get a little over 60 miles before reserve.
Foreman gas mileage

I went to Windrock a couple of months ago - managed about 52 miles on a tank before going to reserve. I stayed in 4 wheel drive most of the day riding the difficult trails - Riding in 4 wheel drive cuts mine big time!
I've checked mine several times running 26" tires. 25 MPG everytime. I have run 72 miles on 1 tank before and thought i was on fumes. But when I filled it up it took 2.95 gallons. I was at 60 miles also when I had to put it on reserve.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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