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moving to Tennesse

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I'm looking to move to Manchaster or some where in that section of tennesse. Tired of Florida and the B.S. here. I have been checking on houses with land and thay are cheep compared to FL. prices. what is the job market like there. we are looking to move when school is out here for the summer.I am a hydraulic tech. (fix most things Hydraulic) and my wife makes fancey window trements.(seamstress).
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Well come on down and be my next door neighbor!!! I am in tullahoma. Like 15 min from Manchester. the job marked in manchester sux you probelly will have to find a job in tullahoma. but who knowes u might luck out.
Work in Manchester only sux if your not willing to work. There are four or 5 counties with different job opportunities, just depends what type of work your looking for. Anywhere between 30 to 60 minute drive depending on where you plan on setting up shop or plant your roots.
were comming up in feb. to look around i will check out tullahoma when we come up. are there any good places to ride in that area.Thenks for the info
fkoney_99 there are alot of places to ride as long as you like rocks and mud and don't mind riding mountains . Most all of the riding around here takes place on the mountains . The job market is very good in Manchester and getting better . If your in hydraulics , you ought to check with Stamtec Presses. They rebuild and install new stamping presses .
thankes for the info. is stamtec press in manchester?and as far as riding I have never ridden any thing but flat land and swamp but I do like mudd in florida every thing is flat looks like I need to learn to ride all over agen somthing diferent
job market is good here in Manchester. Stamtec are mechincal presses with hyd. overloads. There are plenty of job opps in the industral field though. good luck and welcome to TN.

Well i dont know about industrial i dont do that I am in retail BUT when I looked for a job it was like 6 yrs ago at that time manchester wasnt as big as it is now. Either way u will find something I am sure. Anyways back to the real importance...welcome to tennesee and yes we have some great riddin land. Like vamped said there are mountains Hopefully all of us can get together and ride sometime
sounds good I'll need some one to show me the rops.can some one post the web sites for the local papers
Thanks Kenny
Here are some local papers :

Here is one for a statewide paper :

Hope these help .
welcome to tennesse! as for jobs in Manchester well ummm, not sure there I know of two plant closing probably this year, if you have any service experience, you might wnat to try the air force base AEDC,
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