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Moved up from a 450 to a 500!!!!!

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I got rid of my 2002 Foreman 450 ES and got a 2006 Foreman 500 S. It is one of the best changes I've ever made.
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I am sure you will love it.
What made you decide to get the Foreman 500 instead of the Rubicon or Rincon?
nice buy

Bummer...... Well at least it's a Honda
if i had the money i would get a 500 to but............... o well LOL
What's it like moving from an electric shift to a foot shift? When I go out my buddies house (he has a Foreman 400), I keep wanting to press the light switch button (this is where the up and down switches would be located) instead of the foot shift bar. That drives me nuts!
hey this is Yellow Mudder, just changed names......... No I didn't have any problems going from ES to S. And Personaly I like the S better.
Gotta love the S
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