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Mount your own tires?

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How hard is it to change tires yourself?Any tips to know about?Is it tricky to break the bead without special tools?
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It is a pain in the butt, I would pay the money and have someone do it for you.
What he said above.
It can be done w/ prybars and some muscle. But I would take it to a shop to get it done. It shouldn't be more than $5-10 a tire including the valvestem.
ive mounted a bunch of atv tires.. but my friend has a tire machine in his shop... the beads are a butt to break!!!! but if you can break the beads then you got it made from then on out..
lol have fun. look for $20 a tire to just change at a shop. its funny though, i can change all 4's in like 15 min. man its easy with the right tools
I changed the tires on my Z400 by myself. It's actually pretty easy.

To break the bead I just ran up on the tire with a car. The trick is to just barely drive onto the lip of the rim so as soon as any significant weight gets on it the car tire will slip off the lip and break the bead easy. You might have to back up and rotate the tire and run it over again to get the bead completley off. Then do the same thing on the other side.

Once you got that done, spray the tire and wheel lip down with some lubricant (I prefer silicone spray). I used 3 motorcycle tire irons about 6-8" long. It takes a bit of muscle, but I'm 17 and 130lbs and I could do it myself. It took me mabye 2 hours to get all the tires off the old rims and onto the new ones.

If it's nice weather out, letting the tires sit in the sun all day will make it alot easier to mount them. Just try it yourself, if it's not worth you're time or it ain't workin out then take it to a place. Ya got nothin to lose but some time.
if there is any way you could get hook ups with a car dealership, its much easier. like i said before, all can be changed in less than 15 min. and takes very very little muscle
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