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Motor removal!

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Im rebuilding the motor, not just the top end this time. I rebuilt the top and it is smoking again. Any suggestions on how to remove the motor. Pictures would help!!!!!!!!
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sorry no pictures, a manual would explain everything if you can get your hands on one.

Here are a few steps to get you started.
1 dissconnect the battery cables
2 remove all the tank plastic including the tank and sheild under it.
3 remove floorboards, bottom black fender guards, more room the better
4 unplug all wiring,crankcase vent,reverse cable on rear bottom of engine
5 remove airbox, unbolt carb and just let it lay accross the top of frame
6 remove intake boot from motor, remove upper motor mount.
7 unbolt front diff and slide foward to remove front driveshalf.
8 dissconect oil line on front right of engine
9 loosen clamp on swing arm boot and slide off engine side
10 remove both bolts on bottom motor mounts.
11 lift engine and slide forward until rear driveshalf falls off output shalf.
12 standing on the left side pick up motor and tilt the bottom to you and
roll engine out of the frame. get ready because it's a hand full.
I thinks that about it.
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Thanks Dirty!
Dont it piss you off when you got to do things twice
just curious why do you need to disconnect the battery cables??
they are hooked to the engine
LOL i feel stupid.. I don't remember unhooking them from mine when I pulled the motor. maye I pulled them from the motor and didn't disconnect them from the battery itself and just didn't know what I was unhooking??
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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