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Motor out

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Well i took out the motor on my dads rancher yesterday. If i had a cam i would take pics. But tomorrow ill crack the case open and start the surgery to replace the crank. Hey honda mechanic any advise?
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It's pretty straight forward... I've done dozens & dozens and I still use 4 boxes (that Honda parts come in.. approx. 12"wide 24" long 12' high) I put the top end parts in 1 box... Clutch parts (everything off the front of the motor) in another box.. Alternator parts (everything off the rear of the motor) in another box.. Then center parts (transmission ,balancer, crank etc.) in another box..

Do you have a shop manual..?..

The balancer timing line is hard to see when your putting it together ..I use a white metal paint stuff (in a small squeeze tube) to put a dot on the tooth with the timing line..

It helps to heat the cases when putting back together ..the bearings will drop in easy..

When you put the alt. cover on be careful the neutral switch has a "T" that runs it.. it looks like it will go either direction..but the "T" isn't in the center and if put in the wrong way it will break ..and you'll need a new switch .. Be sure the trans is in neutral ..line up the longer end of the "T" with the "N" written on the back of the neutral switch and you won't have any trouble..

Use "Three-Bond" or "Honda Bond" and not silicone to assemble.. The bottom end has only 1 gasket's on the alternator cover the rest uses sealant..

Just msg if you run into trouble..
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I wish i knew half as much as that. I feel like an idiot when i have
to do just about anything with engines. What very little i know, i
have learned the hard & expensive way by tryin' to do it myself
& break what i was tryin' to work on.
thanks i am sure ill need some help .lol
well i started putting it back together but now having a lil trouble with the tranny it says to put the shifter drum in and rotate it through the gears and it seems the trannny dosent rotate all the way around.
What do you mean it doesn't rotate all the way around ..?..
Did you have the transmission out .. ?..When I do a crank I run wire around the shafts and case to keep the trans in the engine half .. But if you took it out it's no big deal putting it back in ..I take the transmission out if there are filings/dirt or water in the engine ..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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