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Motor Oil

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My friend is gettin all this crap from the dealer about using Castrol GTX 10w-40 in his Foreman 500. They said it will mess it up because its a car oil. But am i correct when i say that in the manual it has something about any oil will work as long as its not a 'energy conservative'??

ive been using this Castrol GTX 10w-40 in mine for 2000 miles with no problems. and my friend has been running Delo 400 15w-40 in his Foreman 450 for 4500 miles with 0 problems. another friend has been running Castrol GTX 10w-40 in his 05 rincon for 3800 miles...

what gives??
i know some guys leave water in the oil and have more miles than most guys on here.

my brothers 400ex basically ran with nothin but water in it.. it lasted 3 years with 0 problems
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not gona have a porblem from running the car oil i just ran requler napa oil in my suzuki and didnt have a problem the dealer just wants you to pay more for the honda oil or whatever they sell
well the problem is....
he put the oil filter in wrong and starved teh piston and top end of oil.
locked the motor up, him and my brother put Marvel Mystery oil in the cyl and got it unlocked. It now runs, but it knocks when revved above idle. and of course turned the oil filter around correct.

he took it to the dealer and told them it is making a noise that he has never heard it make before. They told him it was the valves, so they adjusted them. they called him tellin him that the valve adj didnt fix the noise. and that Water in the motor will void the warranty.

when he took it in they asked him what Motor Oil he is using so he told them Castrol GTX. they said that is one of the problems... (i think thats BS) so they are prob goin to tear into the motor this week and see what they can find.
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yep the thing over it being the wrong oil is simply a way for them to posibly void the warenty
It doesnt make sense though.. the owners manual says nothing about useing strickly Honda Oil. From what i get from the manual, any oil as long as its the correct weight, non engergy conservative, and not synthetic.

But we are goin to see what the stealership says.. wonder if they will say anything about the Wix Filter??
I use castrol 15-40 for diesel. It meets hondas specks for oil. Group SJ and non energy conserving. Works great in my 3 diesels to.
what would be the problem wiht running a energy conserving oil
The additives are bad for the clutch.
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