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motor knocking noise

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i just had my cylinder bored and new piston/rings, new timing chain, new oil pump, guy told me to take it easy on it till i burn a tank of gas through it so it will seat the rings, needless to say did i happen to listen to him, NO, intead i burnt 3/4 of a tank through it like he was saying to(15 min running 15 minutes cooling)went riding to see how she ran and happened to see a good mud hole and just had to hit it for crying out loud, my guess is that maybe the rings werent set real good yet and maybe damaged the ring somewhat and now there is knocking from the piston or something

or do foremans just seem to have a knocking that comes from the motor all the time?

i dont even recall if it was knocking at all when i got it back from the guy so that is kinda maybe an important piece of information that might have helped yall reply to this

thanks anyways for the input
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why did it have to be rebuilt if it was due to water if you got water in the cylinder and it locked you may have a slight bend in one of the rods or could be as simple as needing valves adjusted
None of the bikes we do motor jobs on get driven easy for the first tank , or get cooled off either and they work fine .. You should check the valve clearances ..
i brought it in becuz it would not start anymore and would cough when it would run, turned out the top rings on piston wasnt even there anymore, so we went ahead and replaced some stuff and bored and whatnot on it, they had to take the motor out the frame and scrap mud out the bottom of the motor with a screwdriver before being cleaned with gas...mud in the motor was from previous owner not me
it still makes the same noise it was making before i had all the work done, it just doesnt have a nasty rattle sound to it, it is more of like a thump kinda sound...and i asked the guy if he had to adjust my valves at all and he said he didnt have to touch guess is that its nothing major since it was doing it before the motor work cept before the motor work it had a much louder rattle along with the thumping
Thumping or not ,.... does it still Boogie??? .still have some Juice....Relax was is done is done, Just get a new feel for it ... change the oil,, check the plug..Ride it , do a compression check... i'm being totally Blunt with you, but try these things i've mentioned , and get back .....
not sure i never asked the guy, yea still runs like a spotted a$$ ape so i guess im just supersticious...i do the same thing with my truck, if i have a rattle or something that i hear i have to figure out what it is and im not satisfied till i know

maybe this is just the same but it always does that
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