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Motor died

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Well it looks like I am going to have to rebuild my motor, must have gotten water in it on the last ride. The mechanic said the crank bearings went out, said this is a common problem with these bikes. Anybody ever heard of this?
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If water gets in the air filter it will wear out the piston and bike will smoke ..
The funny thing is it didnt smoke, it started rattling and then knocking. Of course as soon as I unloaded it at the shop it started smoking.
just got through putting a crank in a 2001 450s for the same thing, the rod was loose and knocking.
I had the same problem with mine. It was knocking really bad but mine never started smoking. It cost me about $1300.00 to fix it but they re-built the whole engine and replaced the connecting rod.
Yep, that is what I am doing, going to have the whole engine rebuilt, so I guess it is a problem then.
No offense but when you ride it deep water that stuff is going to happen so yes, the mechanic was right. It is not a common problem for those people who ride theirs on trails and such, but 9 outta 10 people that have engine problems is usually caused from water.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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