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Moss Point? Right off the interstate?

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I was coming home today from Mobile, and in Moss Point I believe right east of exit 69, I saw alot of trails. I was heading west so they were on my right, the north side of the interstate. It looked like it would be a blast, alot of sloppy mud and water. Does anyone know how to get to it or have any idea where Iam talking about? It looked real easy to get to from the interstate, but they would make it real obvious to the fuzz what we were up to. I do remember railroad tracks right before I started to see the trails, if that helps anyone out.
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I know where you are talking about, just rode there today. If you take Canal Rd. exit and head south you will see some railroad tracks. If you park just north of the tracks and cross the road there is all kinda mud and water to go through. Hope this helps.
Umm..... Thats Gulfport. Yeah I ride there alot. Where Iam talking about is in Moss Point which is about 30-45 min east of where you are talking about.
i know

i know where your talking about!! i wish i knew how to get there. my cousin worked for larmar signs company and he was back there on a 8wheeler and he said it was some good riding. that i should check it out. i dont have a truck so i cant get there by my self. i live right by canal rd. so i just ride there.
We should get together and go check it out. Are you riding at Canal this weekend? I have a red foreman also and a white chevy s-10, look for me the next time you go. I think we are going sat night and I think sunday.
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