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more speed?

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What is the easiest and cheapest thing I can do to get more speed from a 2006 Rubicon
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Trade it for something faster!! Hondas dont like speed that much! I had my honda foreman 450 running 65mph one time but it was hooked to the back of a bruteforce I thought I was gunna die
How fast will the average stock '06 Rubi run?
A guy I work with has a Rubicon and he gets 58 mph.My Foreman can't pass him,and he outweighs me by 80 lbs.
Wow, I didn't think they'd run that fast. I've only had mine for three days (about 30 miles on it), so I am going to wait until after 100ish miles and the first servicing where they adjust the valves and change all the fluids. I wonder how much slower mine will run than a stock one? The tires weigh 3 lbs more than stock I think, but my wheels probably weigh less.
my foreman whould run 60 with stock tires now bout 50 with mudlites
i got a 05 rubicon and it will run 50mph with 28'' swamplites
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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