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more power?

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I have a 01 foreman 450S with HL 2 inch lift, HL outlaw clutch kit and just orderd the power pack, exhaust, jets, filter and spark plug. with the 28 mud lites I have on there now with just the clutch kit I can do ok in the mud even ok in some thick stuff in 1st but I want to do 29.5 and want more power what are some other mods for the 450 to get somemore power. I also read about a NP 14% reduction where do you get this and will it help??
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the reduction kit by Nugents is no longer available. I think buzsaw had one on Highlifter for sale. Where do u live, there is a guy here close to Baton Rouge, La that does custom reduction kits. But he needs the bike to do the work.
buzsaw do I call HL and ask for him??? I am from NC. any advise on power mods?
Sorry, he is a member on Highlifter's forum and that is where he posted it for sale. He is a member here also, look under the members list on this site and send him a PM to see if he still has it.
you could do a big bore kit plus a cam and that would boost it alot its about 500 dollars on highlifter just orderd one today for g/f's bike
big bore and cam how much power will it add?? anyone running this on there bikes with 29.5 outlaws?
if you did the big bore kit plus gear reduction you would have more then enough power to turn them with just doing to either one though it might bog in thick stuff ..........I have the big bore kit on the g/f's bike and a buddy has it on his 450 also and they are awesome i think that it makes it from a 425 right around a 475 or something like that but yes it does make a huge differance
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