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more power

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i have a 04 foreman 450 i want to get more power for my atv need to know some good products to get thanks for the help
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What kind of products? engine work or bolt on products
even better question, how big is your wallet?? lol
okay so here is your list K&N airfilter, jet kit, aftermarket pipe, clutch kit, big bore kit , gear reduction lol i could go on and on on the aftermarket parts there is for the 450's just wish that the they had the same amount of stuff out for the 500's
dont wanna go to expensive but will would like to know what advantages like the clutch kit ; bore kit ; an jet kit give i ride mainly in just thick mud not to deep water to where i need a snorkle right now looking to get the K&N air filter next 26 ITP tires, motorsport alloy rims, 2" highlifter kit
the clutch kit delays when the auto clutch will engauge by about 500 rpms so when it dose enguage the motor has more torque to get the tires initallly spinning wiht the big bore kit (bbk) your bike will have mor cc's and so more power but there can be reliability issues wiht over heating and such wiht those the jet kit will get you air fule mixture correct in so allowing your engine to run more efficinat it the motors stock i wouldnt worry about jettin if u add a pipe k&n or some other mods then jettin is a must
I would get the jet kit, aftermarket pipe, k&n filter and prefilter, clutch kit, NO LIFT(brings on to many problems). That should turn your 26's pertty good.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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