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More low end touque

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I want to try and get some more low end grunt out of my rubi. I have no performance mods all I`m still a high school student so don`t have a ton of money.But soon there will be a 424 put on it and mabye a custom exhaust tip for a better sound.Any ideas on what i can add
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Don't waste your money on the exhaust tip. Just hold out and save until you can get the HMF Pipe and rejet it. It will be worth the weight. (I got my kit for $219 (Pipe, Uni-Filter, and a few main jets)
i wasn`t going to get it off ebay i was going to make one and another and put a snorkle on it.Ya i`ll just have to keep an eye out for a good deal on a pipe and jet kit
HMF, KN, Dynojet This is what i have and it WORKS!
18% gear reduction kit. Will probably be out in 60 days or so.
the gear reduction,clutch kit,bbk,exhaust,jet kit,and air filter. thats about it.
Hey I got one of the exhaust tips it does sound better. But I just put a new exhaust on mine so I would be willing to get rid of it if your interested!!
Which tip is it?the billet or stainless one?
How much would you want for it?
And does it have the spark arrester?
it is the stainless and i only used it for like a week. Make me an offer and you have to pay shipping. And no no spark arrester but go to local hardware store and get a piece of screen from screen door and bolt on under it for spark arrester.
Can you rember what the price was?
I pay abit less then that.
Where are you from?
I'm from ohio, usa. I paid $18 plus shipping for it. I liked it and it made quad sound better but i got money for birthday and had to get new pipe LoL.
How about $13 for the tip.which is only 5 less then you paid,condisering its used, and I`ll try to get a shipping estiamte then we will talk about payment.
Ok sounds good. Give me your address and I will find out a price also. Thanks Dustin
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