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more jetting ?'s

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hey i just bought a 05 foreman 500, i live in the rockies, and i was wondering if there is a dial a jet for atv's like you can get for snowmobiles. town is at 4500' and i've been up to 6500', the only thing i've put in is the k&n
air filter. i know jetting is the next step any thoughts would be appreciated.

p.s. i'm lazy and don't want to be changing jets all the the time, ya know
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There is somethin' out called Dial A Jet by Thunder Products. I wonder if it
really works. I was gonna get it, but too many folks said don't waste your
money. Rocky Mountain ATV sells them i believe.
Go to & search there website. They are on there
i'm quite sure of it.
I just looked. It is $62.99
thanks for the info. my buddy has it on his sled and he says it makes a difference. i'm going right now to check that out at rockymountainatv right now
Let me know if you get it & if you do, let me know how it works out for you.
i'm gonna check out some places up here, but there will be one going in and i'll let ya know how it works. probably in two weeks i'll be done work and back home and climbing. thanks again for the site
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