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More Jetting Questions

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Ok... so it is my understanding that the stock main jet on my 07 Rubi is Keihn 158. My HMF pipe came with a 165 Kiehn. I was just reading the directions on the DynoJet web site for the Jet Kit i ordered and it says use a DJ155 for applications below 3000 feet with an after market exhaust. Does DynoJet use a different system for rating thier jets or is there some other reason for going to such a small jet?? Kind of confused here. I mean the kit doesn't even come with 165 or 170... here is the link:

Just wondering what people are doing with these kits...
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The dynojet kits use a different rating scale for their jets. Someone posted a chart somewhere but I can't remember maybe they will see this.
oh ok.. that cool man i was just wondering... seemed a little off to me... but that makes sense.. but then again seems a little stupid... leave it to one company to throw a wrench in the works
Yeah, I hear ya. Someone always has to be different! I didn't use a dynojet kit, just put in a larger main and readjusted my a/f screw.
Well i installed the jet kit and man what a difference!!! I highly recommend it to anyone. Took only about 10 minutes to install once i got the carb out
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