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More ES Shifting problems... help!

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The Gear indicator shows just "--" all the time when the engine is not running and the N and R LEDS are on. Then the inicator will change to N and R and 1 but only with it running. But when in a drive gear, the Reverse and Neutral LED's stay lit even when driving forward. We jumped the switches and found out that the shifting motor still works and we already replaced the battery and angle sensor in the very front of the motor. Can you please give us any helpful info you may have so we can get this beast moving again! thanx alot! We looked up the diagnostic code table but cant get the code out b/c after switching just the key on w/o it running... there is no "N" for it to flash the codes to us.
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The bike running or just with the key on shouldn't change the R,N,1,5 they are controled by the gear position switch... 2,3,4 are controled by the ECM ..

Thanks for the help but i found a Blown fuse under the seat... a 30AMP one in the circular case with another fuse in it... So we thought we checked them all before we replaced the angle sensor but we didnt... so its all fixed now after replacing the fuse!
What Fuse?
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