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more carb questions

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I just pick up my mike from the shop. I had fron breaks installed. When I get the bike home it will ot stay idel. About a month ago it had a back fire issue and I replaced the air filter and spark plug and the solved thr Back fire. I do belive that the bike does run a little rich. My question is do I adjust the idel or do I adjust the air/fuel screw first? I did adjust the idel when I replaced the filter and plug and the weather was colder then if that has anything to do with it.
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Follow the directions in the service manual. (I dont have the specs in front of me) Warm up the engine, Set the Idle at the specified rpm. Adjust the Idle mixture until the Idle increases and the engine runs smooth. then turn the idle screw in 1/4 turn. Adjust Idle speed to specs.
I don't have a service manual. How do you know the RPM's? I do not have this option on my display.
Carb adjustment

Turn the pilot screw in all the way, then unscrew it 1.5 turns, as for the air, screw it in all the way, and then out 2.5 turns, then from there you can adjust your RPM with a tachometer or by ear if you don't have one.
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