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More Backfires

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My 2001 450ES had that real loud backfire proplem (like a gun going off). It happened a couple of times each run when I was decelerating. A real nuisance when riding near residential areas during hunting season.

I, unfortunatley, took it to local dealer to see if they could remedy the problem. I should have known better! They fussed and farted with it, cleaned/adjusted carburator, adjusted valves, changed the plug, and checked the exhaust for leaks. None of this really helped!. At my insistence, they called the Honda tech line and Honda indicated it must be in the exhaust system. The dealer proceeded to cut the end of the muffler off, says he removed some "loose" baffles, and rewelded the end of the mufler back on.

Now I don't have the infrequet "gunshot" backfire, but I do have the pop-pop-pop every time I let off the gas. I'm still annoyed as they cannot fix a problem that didn't exist for the first 3 years I owned the bike.

Any suggestions as to what may be causing the pop backfire??????
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the pop your describing usually just means your running a little on the rich side, maybe adjust your needle or air/fuel screw...i had a 300ex and it did it when i put and exhaust, jet and filter on....its not bad unless your spitting fire.
I have a 96 400 with the same problem, mine started after I cut the the muffler apart to repair all the rotted baffles useing stainless steel. It happens after a fairly long haul on the throttle then backing off. I agree probably a little rich.
its more than likely small exhaust leaks
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